Veggie Dip using Davids Dynamite/Vegan Caesar served with crackers and carrot/celery sticks.

Spicy Dip using Davids Spicy Rub and soar cream with crackers and veggies.

Spicy bread dipper using Davids Organic extra virgin olive oil and Davids Spicy Rub served with slices of baguette bread.

BBQ’d/Grilled large gamberoni shrimp using Davids Peri Peri seasoning and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Baby tomatoes with bocinccini balls placed alternatively on a skewer- marinated in olive oil and balsamic glaze sprinkled lightly with Davids veggie seasoning.

French cut lamb chops bbq’d/grilled using Davids Special Steak Rub.

Smoked Salmon/ Smoked Trout served on sliced baguette with sliced English cucumber and sliced boiled egg with a little of veggie dip (#1 above)> A little caviar on top to really spoil your guests.

Light feta cheese with a cube of watermelon placed alternatively on a skewer marinated with balsamic vinegar, splash of olive oil, fresh mint leaves and sprinkle of Davids Veggie seasoning.

Sauteed cremini mushrooms using Davids Steak Rub and Caesar-Dynamite or Vegan.

BBQ’d /grilled asparagus using Davids Steak rub with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and splash of olive oil. Wrap 3 spears with thinly sliced proscutto after grilling.